Sunday, February 17, 2008

Among the Free, by Margaret P. Haddix

"I can't believe the shadow children series has come to an end, but its spirit & ideas will stay here forever. I liked the part when Oscar Wydell came into the story. Great series!

Reviewed by Haejin, Jamestown Middle School

Friends, Enemies, by Rosie Rushton

"I liked the plot and the characters, but I felt like parts of the book were just talking in circles. The characters often talked with nothing to say."

Reviewed by Adrienne, Southeast High School

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Skin I'm In, by Sharon G. Flake

"I'm usually like fantasy books but I like this book best because it portrays real life and it's still a page turner. It proves that life is not boring. That's why I gave it five thumbs up [top rating]!

Reviewed by Terrance, Summer of 2007
"I can really relate to . . . Malecka." Reviewed by Tyrin, 2008 summer reading program at Hemphill Branch Library.

Among the Brave, by Margaret P. Haddix

"This book had the "you can't believe it part" which I liked . However in this book I don't think there were as many mysteries solved."
Reviewed by Haejin, Jamestown Middle School.