Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, by Jeff Meldrum

"This amazing book observes and investigates the tales of Big Foot/Sasquatch from their beginnings with the Native Americans up to the 2000's. It is a must for anyone interested in Cryptozology (the study of unknown animals) or just odd happenings. If you only read one book on this subject, it should be this one!" Reviewed by Micah, Homeschooled.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saving Zoe, by Alyson Noel

Last year Echo's older sister Zoe was murdered. And while time may have passed, the healing is still far from over. The kids at school whisper about her. Her parents have become over-protective. Nothing seems right in Echo's world. And then her boyfriend shows up with Zoe's diary.

Every page turned reveals a new side of Zoe that Echo never knew about. Sex, drug, and a stalker all are revealed to Zoe as she races to discover the mystery behind Zoe's murder. This is a quick read that is sure to grab your interest! Reviewed by Robbie:-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dream Factory, by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler

"Dream Factory had an exciting setting - "Disney World." I was expecting a little more climaxes and surprises. I did like how the authors set up characters as Dale, Cinderella, etc." Reviewed by Jaejin, Jamestown Middle School

"I like the fact that (Dream Factory) is written from two points of view. In the "Magical World of Disney" the characters make it seem like dreams can come true. . . I would definately recommend "Dream Factory" to others! Reviewed by Nadia, Southeast High School

"(Dream Factory) combined what every girl I know likes to read about - romance - with something a little deeper. The authors were wise to place this book at "the happiest place on Earth." It adds to the magic of this book and the character's saucy-sweet attitudes." Reviewed by Adrienne, Southeast High School