Monday, May 14, 2007

Surviving Your Student Loans, by Nancy Mitchell

Face it, there are lots of jobs in the world that require a college education. So many teens end up going to college, community college, or technical school. What are your plans? Did you know that most people who go to college now end up taking out large student loans to pay for it? And of course, once they graduate and get a job, the banks will want their money back . . . with interest!

Nancy Mitchel recently (2006) wrote this excellent book about how to deal with your student loans once you graduate from school. I highly recommend to anyone thinking of braving college or technical school. It gives sound advice on what kind of loans there are, as well as the problems of defaulting, deferring, forbearance and being deliquent. It's an eye-opener for all teens about how the loan process works!

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