Monday, July 14, 2008

Rewind, by Jan Page

Like a bolt of lightening, teenager Liam was struck one day by the novel idea: start a band! He thought he could play a drum (not that he had a set), and his friend’s Daz and CJ could sort-of maybe play guitar and keyboard, so what’s to loose? And so the band Salamander was formed. But at their first gig a terrible accident happens, and Liam finds himself (as a ghost) back in the days to when his mom and pop were teens in their own band!

Liam finds himself faced with a dilemma. Can he right the wrong that cost one of their band members his life? And will his meddling cause himself never to have been born? This is an interesting British book filled with lingo like “telly” and “blue bloody moon,” but still a fun read that I’d recommend to anyone who likes books that challenge you to think “what if I could have changed . . . “
Reviewed by Robbie

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