Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When Science Goes Wrong: Twelve Tales From the Dark Side of Discovery, by Simon LeVay

"The book is a cavalcade of mistakes, all of them related to science in some way. (It) discusses what happens when scientific projects encounter unforseen accidents, and how they could have been prevented. The author states that this is not an attack on scientific values, but human error, both ethical and neglect for caution . . . (which) sometime ending in tragedy."

"The book is absorbing, but some readers will be inclined to skip chapters one, three and six because the incidents are retold with too much information. Beside that this is a good book. I rate it four and a half out of five stars. Check it out!" Reviewed by Micah ~ Homeschooled.

"Experimental brain surgery goes horribly awry; a dam fails catastrophically; a geologist leads an ill-equipped party to its doom in the mouth of an active volcano: these are the amazing and sometimes horrific stories of technical errors and scientific mistakes that LeVay relates." Publishers Weekly

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