Friday, October 10, 2008

Girl in Blue, by Ann Rinaldi

"I really enjoyed the Civil War setting, and it was interesting following Sarah's journey from impersonating a soldier to becoming a spy. But I didn't like how the book ended - it left loose ends and wasn't very satisfying." Reviewed by Hannah, Hemphill Branch Teen Reader!

"Inspired by the war fever of 1861, and tired of her father's mistreatment, 15-year-old Sarah Wheelock determines to run away and join the Union forces to fight the Confederacy. The last straw comes when her father promises her hand in marriage to a man who is twice her age and has the manners of a bear. After she cuts her hair, changes clothes, and lowers her voice, Sarah has few problems passing as a boy: years of hard farm labor have toughened her physically, and she has a natural talent for impersonation. . . . While Sarah and the other characters lack depth, Rinaldi's novel offers an exciting plot based on solid historical research." School Library Journal

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