Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chasing the High: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's Experience with Substance Abuse, by Kyle Keegan.

"I drifted in and out of consciousness for most of the night, not sure where nightmares left off and reality picked up. Several times I hallucinated, thinking someone was calling me from the courtyard down below. I would find myself teetering on a ledge stories up, yelling into the darkness of the cold rain. If I'd had the nerve I would have just hurled myself of the edge and put an end to this sanity."

Now in his 30s with a sucessful job, wife and kids, Kyle Keegan relates in his book the gritty reality behind his drug addiction, which began in his teens, and how he managed to climb out of it to become the successful man he is today. Keegan writes a blunt, truthful, account of his addictions, providing readers with an unsettling view into a world that our media often overlooks. But this is more than just an addict's journal. Chasing The High is cowritten by a physician, and contains valuable information about the different drugs being sold on the streets today, and the reality of being addicted to them.

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