Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Plays of Shakespeare

Rachel, a wonderful Hemphill teen reader, has given us her own reviews of three of William Shakespeare's popular plays!

Taming of the Shrew: "This was the only Shakespearian play that I really enjoyed, as it was a comedy. If you're going to read Shakespeare, read this play!"

Macbeth: "It wasn't all that interesting for me because it wasn't something I wanted to read. It was schoolwork."

The Tempest: "It was OK after Mom explained the Greek mythology. But it wasn't exactly my style!"

Do you have problems understanding Shakespeare's plays? Don't feel bad, the English language has changed dramatically from what was spoken over 400 years ago, when William was alive and writing, not to mention our society! And yet The Bard (as he is commonly called) penned many powerful plays that are well worth diving into - IF you have the patience to tackle them! Write us with your thoughts about Shakespeare and his works!

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