Monday, November 16, 2009

Homeboyz, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

"It is a very good book. I liked it because it actually sets the readers mind into what a teen would or could be experiencing. The book is about a boy they call T-Bear (a.k.a Teddy) who was out to get back at the gang that killed his younger sister. While trying to do that he was arrested and (as) his punishment he has to mentor a young boy named Micah. Micah actually ended up being the one to tell Teddy that he knows who killed his sister. When Teddy finally gets to the boy they said did it, Micah explained what really happened and tells Teddy to go ahead and kill him, but Teddy decides otherwise because what he really wants he can't have, because killing him won't bring his sister back." Reviewed by Mikita W. at T. Wingate Andrews High School!

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