Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing in Traffic, by Gail Giles

Matt's a quiet high school senior, keeping to himself and trying his best to just blend in with the background in his high school. Skye on the other hand is totally Goth, with black fingernails, black lipstick, multiple piercings and tattoos, and an outgoing personality. They have nothing in common . . . until the day she deliberately bumps into him and introduces herself while walking her fingers over his arms. He hastens to class, but returns later to his locker to discover a note written in blood red tucked into it. “Park 7. You know you want to” was all it said.

Playing in Traffic is a taunt, well-paced thriller that explores the themes of isolation and manipulation. Check it out! Other books by Giles include Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters, and Shattering Glass.

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