Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Boy Called Twister, by Anne Schraff

Kevin's new to Tubman High School, having just moved to California from Texas after his mother died. But he quickly starts to make friends, especially when he joins the track team and everyone realizing he can really runs fast! Plus it certainly doesn't hurt that Kevin's a genuinely nice, friendly, good-looking.

But along with the new friends he's making, Kevin also makes a new enemy - Marco, the school bully. Now Kevin has to be on guard to watch out for him and his gang. Kevin's not shy - he can stand up for himself just fine - but he has to watch his temper. Back in Texas he had gotten into a bad fight with the school bully, and ended up almost choking the boy to death!

This cautionary tale of friendship, family, school and bullying will speak to everyone. And it's a quick read too! The plot's fairly predicatable, but it doesn't hurt the strength of the story ~ Robbie:-)

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