Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Infinite Days, by Rebecca Maizel

Tired of endless, cold nights searching for human prey, 592 year old queen vampire Lenah Beaudonte desires only to become human once again. Her lover, Rhode, after many years of search, finally uncovers ancient rituals that will bring her back into the world of the living. But these rituals have a price to be paid - Rhode's life.

Lenah awakes from a 100 year hibernation lying naked on old oak wood floor, bathed in sunlight, her lover Rhodes standing by to welcome her back into the world of the living. He informs her that to live in modern times she needs to prepare herself - and that means a good education. He has enrolled Lenah, who is now once again 16, into Wickham Boarding School in New England. In the short time before the sun casts the first light of morning they spend their last precious moments together. Then Rhode turns to dust, payment for delivering Lenah back into the world of the living.

As if going back to school, getting a new boyfriend, socializing and learning to how to drive a car isn’t hard enough, Lenah has a bigger worry - she has to keep her eyes out her old coven of vampires, who she knows will eventually figure out her deception and come hunting for her!

This story is rich with good characters, a decent plot, and vividly described scenes. It is the first novel by Rebecca Maizel, a teacher at a community college in Rhode Island.

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