Friday, February 13, 2009

Glory Field, by Walter Dean Myers

This wonderful 250 year account of a African American family's strugge for freedom begins with the kidnapping of young Muhammad Bilal in African, and his journey to America. Starting with insights into of his life, and then told through successive generations of his family, Glory Field tells the story of the Lewis family's strugge against slavery and oppression. It ends in the late 20th century with a large family reunion, held at the former plantation (called the "Glory Field) where Muhammad once lived. It's a captivating story - though at 400 pages long it's not the faint of heart! ~ Reviewed by Robbie:-)

"This was a good book because it showed black history through a fictional family" ~ Reviewed by Sha-Reh, Hemphill Branch Teen Reader!

"This book was informational as well as entertaining. I thought it was really good!" ~ Reviewed by Tara, Hemphill Branch Teen Reader!

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