Saturday, May 31, 2008

Little Grrl Lost, by Charles De Lint

"I enjoyed all the fantasy in this book. It was a good twist on a coming-of-age story. . . To think of a whole other world right beneath our noses - or rather our feet - is amazing." Reviewed by Adrienne, Southeast High School

"It had so much suspense I am still looking for more pages to turn. I also liked how (the book) switched between characters. That gave (it) a lot more suspense." Reviewed by Terrance, Brown Summit Middle School

"The author, Charles, was scrupulous about the "Littles" and their ways of handling life. This book is caught between fantasy and reality; fantasy - when talking about gnomes, fairies, "Littles," etc., but Reality - when talking about a teenage human being facing courses of her hard & unprepared future." Reviewed by Haejin, Jamestown Middle School

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